Do you share my information with anyone?

 When you order from us, the only thing we use your information for is to  ensure you receive your product in a timely and confidential manner.   We never share any of your personal information with anyone else, so  don't worry about getting calls or e-mails from any other companies. 

What will my credit card statement look like?

 The credit card statement will simply say "Quick & Clean, LLC" and  won't divulge any specific information regarding what the product  consists of or what it is used for. 

the temperature strip isnt showing A Temp.

 No worries, simply let the bottle cool down for a few minutes before  attaching the heat pack with the rubber band, and the temperature level will start showing, and you will be good to  go for up to five hours. If you don't have access to a microwave, the  heat pad will warm the bottle in approximately 10 to 20 minutes by  itself. The Ideal body temperature is around 98 Degrees. 

Does Your Synthetic Urine have uric acid?

 Yes, Quick and Clean contains the correct uric acid, Urea, color,foam,and scent. 

Can you reheat the kit more than once?

 Yes, the synthetic urine can be reheated up to 4 times ,It may start to change color or evaporate if heated more than that. 

Can I use other heating pads then what's provided?

 Quick and Cleans heating pads  are Designed   to stay at Body temperature for 10Hrs We don't recommend  using other brands that may over heat product. 


What is the Shelf Life??

Quick & Clean Last up to 2 years, The expiration is stamped on the heat pack.

Can Quick & Clean be used if it has been Frozen?

Yes,Quick & Clean Can be used if it freezez,This will not affect Your sample.

Where Can I by Quick & Clean Fetish Urine?

We offer Next Day Shipping from our website ,But If you would like to visit a store near you ,Simply email us your Location and we will reply instantly.


​Shipping Options :

 Most orders ship same day and  are sent Fed Ex ground which is normally 3 to 5 business days Unless  requested to be delivered by a certain day.